Pay by Phone 

Call 1-877-729-4773 toll-free to use our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to pay using Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or eCheck (Electronic Funds Transfer) from your checking account.

Fax Number

Our Fax Number is 408-287-6515.

Contact Your Collections Officer 

To contact your Revenue Collections Officer, use the phone number listed by your last name:

Last Name Telephone Number
A – Bal 408-326-1034
Bam – Cer 408-326-1030
Ces – Esp 408-326-1056
Esq – Gre 408-326-1033
Grf – Jac 408-326-1032
Jad – Lee 408-326-1031
Lef – Martinezd 408-326-1023
Martineze – Neu 408-326-3036
Nev – Patt 408-326-1024
Patu – Ram 408-326-1035
Ran – Sao 408-326-3059
Sap – Tal 408-326-1028
Tam – Z 408-326-1026

If you can't reach your account representative, call (408) 326-1002 and ask to speak with your account representative’s supervisor.

DTAC sends out billing statements twice a month. Over 25,000 bills are mailed at each monthly cycle. Unfortunately, DTAC staff cannot respond immediately to all callers during these peak billing periods. When the telephones get busy, calls are routed to the department's voice mail system. The department's goal is return all calls within two business days.

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