Tax Clearance Requests

Whether you're selling a business or home, subdividing parcels, or even refinancing, our office provides a variety of clearances depending on the need. Requests can be submitted online, however, some requests require a fee be paid before the request can be processed.

These are the types of clearances our office issues:

  • Business Transfers (Bulk Sale)
  • Mobile Home Tax Clearance
  • Subdivision Tax Clearance Letter


Requests can be mailed to:

               Attn: Tax Information Unit
               Department of Tax and Collections
               110 West Tasman Drive
               San Jose, CA  95134-1700

Business Transfer (Bulk Sale)

A tax clearance can be requested from our office any time a business is being sold. These requests are typically submitted from escrow companies to ensure all taxes have been paid before the business changes ownership. 

A bulk transfer should be submitted to the Department of Tax and Collections at least 12 business days before the date of the bulk sale. Our office charges a $125 fee for each request.

Please include the following documents with your request:

  • Notice of Bulk Sale
  • $125 Check made payable to: Department of Tax and Collections or SCC DTAC
  • Copy of Business Property Statement
    (Only between January 1 and May 7)

Mobile Home Tax Clearance

A Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate is required by the Department of Housing before a title on a mobile/manufactured home can be changed. These documents are valid for 60 days from the date issued and must be submitted, with all necessary paperwork, to the Department of Housing and Community Development. Please visit their website for information on the necessary documents required to change title.

All property tax for the home must be paid in full before a tax clearance can be issued. If a request is submitted between January 1 and September 30, a pre-payment for the upcoming annual tax bill (typically issued in October of each year) must be paid.

NOTE: If a duplicate tax clearance is being requested, a $35 fee must be paid at the time of the request.


All requests should include the following:

  • Contact Information of Requestor
  • Name and Mailing Address of Seller
  • Name and Mailing Address of Buyer
  • Decal Number
  • Location of Mobile Home


Submit Your Request Online

Subdivision Tax Clearance

In order to record a map for a parcel split with the Clerk-Recorder's Office, a Tax Clearance Certificate must be issued by the Office of the Clerk of the Board. In order to obtain one, our office must issue a Tax Clearance Letter that clears the parcel of all outstanding taxes. A fee of $50 is charged per parcel.

Security is also required to obtain the Tax Clearance Certificate. The amount required to be paid will be stated on the Tax Clearance Letter. A Recording of Maps document should be completed and submitted when payment is made.

Please review the Recording a Subdivision Map Pamphlet for the steps to recording a subdivision map.



The following should be included in your subdivision tax clearance letter request:

  • Property Ownership Questionnaire
  • Copy of Current Assessor's Map
  • Copy of the Tract or Parcel Map
  • Letter from Appropriate City Verifying no new Assessment Bonds will be Assessed on Parcel(s)
    (Only required if map is being filed between January 1 and October 1)
  • Payment for Processing Fee ($50 per parcel)
    Check made Payable to: Department of Tax and Collections or SCC DTAC

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